Last week for lunch, Taylor and I got to venture off to Avon and eat at Two Bucks. As soon as we arrived, we sat at the bar and checked out the goodies on the menu. There were so many options to choose from so naturally it took us about 15 minutes to order.

As a broke college student, my favorite thing the restaurant offered was a menu of little snacks that all were priced at “Two Bucks.” Uhh, yes please! Another awesome low priced option on the menu is their daily specials. Since it was Wednesday, the daily special was a dollar off all of the Mac & Cheese. Speaking of the Mac & Cheese, Two Bucks’ dish was recently crowned as the Best Mac & Cheese in Cleveland in 2016. We were told the different Mac & Cheese plates were some of the most popular items from the menu and personal favorites of the two employees that were on duty. I mean, It must be tasty if it earned that title!

Two Bucks-2

Taylor and I both decided on flatbreads for our meal. We ordered the Caprese flatbread and the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread. Looking at the picture of the flatbreads should be enough said itself, but let me tell you that it was a bomb lunch! Taylor, who ordered the Caprese Flatbread, was so impressed and said it was “super delicious!” She especially loved the giant tomatoes on every slice. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread and it was perfect. I wouldn’t say the flatbread was spicy but it added the perfect amount of flavor, which made every bite so tasteful.

The atmosphere at Two Bucks is perfect for several occasions such as enjoying a meal inside or on the patio or even having a few drinks with friends. Something that personally stuck out to me is how awesome the staff was. The two women that were serving that day were so friendly and helpful. Taylor and I definitely enjoyed the meal, talking to our servers and each other’s company, of course.

We had such a fun time stopping in and I’d love to go back in the near future. Be sure to check out Two Bucks on LC Explorer here and check out other similar places to visit below!