Have you ever wanted to sample tons of cheese, go in a petting zoo and see an awesome parade all in one day? Well the Wellington Cheese Heritage Festival has all that and more! The three day festival featured rides and games, live entertainment and tons of cute animals.

Alex and I got the chance to attend this great festival over the weekend and had so much fun while we were there. When we first arrived, there was a really cool parade starting. I really liked looking at all the different floats, and seeing all of the people in the parade.

My favorite part of the parade was seeing people riding down the street on horses, with giant cheese hats on their heads. It was pretty funny. I also really liked seeing the children in the parade, having so much fun and throwing candy at the crowd. All of the floats in the parade were really well built, and I enjoyed looking at them. The parade was super fun overall.

My favorite part about the festival was the petting zoo. It was so much fun! I was so happy that the festival had one that included a horse, a donkey, pigs and chickens. I love animals and had so much fun playing with them. I especially liked the horse, he was so cute. I thought that the petting zoo was such a fun and unique thing to have at a festival. (I probably spent a good hour walking around and petting every animal 1,000 times.)


Another awesome part about this festival was all of the food! Alex and I had a hard time deciding between a funnel cake, cheese or a root-beer float. (I know, all such random and delicious items.) We eventually opted for a delicious funnel cake. I don’t think one can go to a festival and not buy at least one type of traditional carnival food. The funnel cake was delicious and covered in powdered sugar, so good!

Something else that was really cool about this festival were the different rides and games for people to take part in. There was even a rock climbing wall, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. It was cool watching people engage in all these different activities.


We were really impressed with this festival, and had so much fun spending the day in Wellington. I was really happy that I had the chance to attend this festival, since I had never gone before. I will definitely be returning next summer for more great food, fun games and cute animals.

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