International FestivalFor me, festivals are ALL about the food – which is why I’ve been looking forward to the Lorain International Festival all year. This is the perfect place for people (like me) that can never decide what they want to eat. The festival offers all different types of food, from Hungarian to Italian and Macedonian. The annual festival also features live music, dance performances, crafts, and more! It’s such a fun environment, and has activities for all ages.

International Festival-5

Alex and I had so much fun attending the festival this year, and sampling all the awesome food and beverages! (We’re actually still full from the weekend.) I ate a delicious Pepperoni Stromboli, french fries and ice cream (calories don’t count when you’re working, right?)

International Festival-3


One of my favorite things about going to the festival every year is seeing all the different ‘royalty’ walking around. The International princesses and queen are all so gorgeous, and wear the most amazing dresses. Congratulations to this year’s queen, Dutch princess Chloe Mieras!

Another great part about being at the festival, was being able to hear all kinds of live music. I really enjoy watching and listening to live bands because each band is different, and you never know what you’re going to hear. It’s also fun, because people really get into the music and the whole atmosphere of the festival was super relaxed and enjoyable

Of all the summer festivals in Lorain County (and there are a ton!), I think the International Festival is the most unique. It’s so cool seeing people celebrate their cultures, and learning about other peoples’ traditions. Even though I ate way too much on the first day, the fun atmosphere made me want to go back the next two days for more live music and delicious food!

For more information on the International Festival, check it out here on LC Explorer.

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