IMG_1602 Are you in the mood for some specialty coffee, breakfast, a nice sandwich or a salad? You’re in luck because the Avon Cafe and Coffee House has all of that and more! Alex and I were so excited to visit this week and check it out for the first time. The Avon Cafe and Coffee House is a super unique place to enjoy lunch or a drink with friends. Not only do they offer great food, but they also sell one-of-a-kind antiques.  Alex and I were impressed with all of the different antiques that were on display.

I have never been anywhere that was both a cafe and an antique shop, so this was definitely a new experience. The entire place had a very welcoming vibe, and I could tell the workers are very passionate about their business and community. Alex and I both ended up ordering an iced caramel coffee (it was necessary to make it through the rest of the work day). IMG_1600 The coffee was served in a large glass with a ton of whipped cream on top, and was even more delicious than it looked (I honestly drank my entire glass in about five minutes). Something I really liked about being at the cafe was that we had the option to dine inside or outside on a beautiful brick patio. Since it was a gorgeous day, Alex and I chose to enjoy our coffee from the patio. It was so nice being able to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather while drinking delicious coffee! Avon Cafe The Avon Cafe has an entire specialty coffee drinks menu in addition to the classic coffee options. One drink was called ‘Milky Way,’ it was made from milk, espresso, chocolate, a caramel shot, and whipped cream (I think I really need to try that one at some point.) I am looking forward to going back to the cafe to try out some more items on their impressive menu. It’s a great place to stop by and grab something quick with friends and family. I really liked the different options available, and the great customer service. I might have to make this my new go-to coffee place! For more information about the Avon Cafe and Coffee House, check them out here. Below is a list of some more great places to try in Lorain County!