One of my favorite things about summer in Lorain County is all of the fairs and festivals going on all season long.  This weekend Taylor and I were able to go to two different festivals and had a blast. My favorite one we went to was the Duck Tape Festival, which took place in Avon.

Duck Tape Festival-5

As soon as you walk into the festival, the aroma of the food overwhelms you. But definitely not in a bad way – more of a “I’m going to eat way too much food” kinda way. If we’re being honest, we all know that “carnie” food is the best part of all festivals. Sadly enough though, I didn’t get anything while I was there and I’m actually really upset about it. Probably way more upset than any human should be, but I’ll live.

The Duck Tape Festival is everything you want out of a festival, with the food, booths, games, and more, but it had an extra fun and creative vibe. There was live music and happy faces everywhere. There were so many people at the festival and it was only the first day. Looking around, you could see that everyone in attendance was enjoying their time.

Duck Tape Festival-3

While Taylor and I were wandering around the festival, we stumbled upon a psychic booth. I’ve always been curious about psychics and what they would say to me, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I sat down and she asked to see my palm and told me about my future. She talked about my career, my weaknesses, love, family, wealth and everything in between.  It was so interesting and I loved hearing what she had to say, but I’m still a little skeptical that it was made up. Overall though it was a really cool experience.

Duck Tape Festival-2One of the most unique things at the Duck Tape Festival were the giant art displays made completely from duct tape. There were giant burgers, a Mount Rushmore piece titled “Mt. Duckmore,” the Empire State Building, an American themed bald eagle and so much more.  All of the duck tape pieces were made by college art students. Since I don’t have one artistic bone in my body, I was stunned at the giant works and in awe that something could look so nice, all made from duct tape.

Born and raised in Lorain County, surprisingly enough, this was my first trip to the Duck Tape Festival and I was really impressed. The atmosphere was so fun and had so many people around enjoying the vibes.  It was both kid and adult friendly with so many things for everyone to do.  I will definitely be returning to the fest next year!

Side note, LC Explorer had a Snapchat at the Duck Tape Festival. So cool if you ask me!


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