Food and Drink

Lorain County’s Summer Festivals – Wellington Cheese Heritage Festival


Have you ever wanted to sample tons of cheese, go in a petting zoo and see an awesome parade all in one day? Well the Wellington Cheese Heritage Festival has all that and more! The three day festival featured rides and games, live entertainment and tons of cute animals.

Alex and I got the chance […]

Two Bucks Avon

Last week for lunch, Taylor and I got to venture off to Avon and eat at Two Bucks. As soon as we arrived, we sat at the bar and checked out the goodies on the menu. There were so many options to choose from so naturally it took us about 15 minutes to order.

As a […]

Lorain County’s Summer Festivals – Vermilion Festival Of The Fish

The Vermilion Festival Of The Fish is a great place to go with the entire family! With a variety of food options, pop-up shops and activities for all ages, what more could you ask for?

Alex and I were so excited to attend the festival, since neither of us had ever been before. The second […]

Treat Yourself: Sweet Eats

Picture this: it’s a super hot summer day and you’re looking for a way to cool down.  Maybe you just ate dinner and your sweet tooth is kicking in. Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream is the perfect way to satisfy your craving.

When I think of summertime, one of the first things that come to mind are […]

Enjoy a Healthy, Locally Sourced Meal

Are you looking to eat a healthy, locally sourced meal? Well look no further, Heck’s Cafe in Avon offers customers a variety of options of craft beer, burgers, salads and more. I was so excited to finally try this place out after hearing all my friends talk about the great food they had there.

Alex […]

Enjoy Unique Pizza, Pasta & Wine

Have you been craving a really good pizza lately? How about a nice variety of wine, or a delicious salad? Well you’re in luck, because Wood & Wine offers all three and more. Alex and I had the opportunity to dine there this week, and we were more than impressed. I had never been […]

Enjoy Unique and Delicious Pizzas

One of my absolute favorite life mottos is, “All pizzas are personal pizzas if you try hard enough.”

This was definitely applicable when we went to Coleone’s for lunch in Avon Lake. This was the first time that I had come to Coleone’s and was expecting to walk into a standard pizza shop. To my […]

Enjoy Authentic Italian Food

During the spring semester of my sophomore year at Kent State, I got the life-changing opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I had the time of my life during those four months in Europe. Now that I’m back in America, I find myself always craving Italian food because their food is amazing and […]

My New Favorite Appetizer – Fried Brussel Sprouts!

Growing up in Lorain County, there are always places that you pass by all the time but have just never gotten around to visiting.  One of those places for me was Cafe Melissa, a small restaurant specializing in creative, local and organic ingredients located in Avon Lake. Last week Taylor and I went to check […]

Lorain County Locations for the Donut Fanatic

There’s no better morning snack or anytime treat than a donut, and Lorain County has some great places to try them! We’ve included our top four, but be sure to check the full page on LC Explorer.
1) Becker’s Donuts

Located in North Ridgeville, Becker’s carries a wide variety of donuts, including regular, a variety of filled flavors and […]